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Looking for a gay hookup is not always easy. You may not know where to go and who to talk to. Plus, it is not always easy letting people know that all you want is a night of casual, yet steamy fun. However, with the help of Tenderbang, these fears and worries can cease to exist. This is a space that is designed for members looking for flirty fun. This means that you can skip all the awkwardness and go straight to the hooking up part. When you sign-up, you get to discover a whole world of gays singles in and around your local area. Not only can you explore great profiles and personals, but you can also get to know whoever you want to anytime, anywhere. This is an amazing opportunity for singles who want to propel their dating life exponentially. So do not hesitate and register today!

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With so many other dating sites promising endless gay hookups after signing up but turning out to not deliver on their promise, you can never be sure if they are quiet what they say they are, On Tenderbang we are a class apart, we go above and beyond to connect you with men we think you'll like for gay adult dating, removing the time you need to spend trawling through the profiles of those you're not interested in. Instead, you can focus strictly on someone who catches your eye on the most popular online gay male dating site. Better still, you can now converse with partner through our gay dating service using either a smartphone or a tablet, so even whilst you are out of the house, should you feel the urge to hook up with gay men, you are able to arrange to do so at your earliest convenience! This month alone we have obliterated our internal records regarding the highest total number of members actively using our local gay dating site at one time, previously it stood at 10,000 visitors but has risen to over 15,000! With the huge surge in popularity t is now even easier for you to find gay men hookup and it will only continue. So, what’s not to love? Get online here today and chat with men who share your interests!

Online Dating Tips

1. Be Confident and Be Yourself

M4M online dating is a great place and opportunity to be yourself and be confident about doing so. Without an audience and no witnesses to your way of dating – you can relax and be free to be yourself without fear of embarrassment. A lot of people with confidence issues find online dating the best way to get around public anxiety.

2. Make the Most of Man for Man Dating

Man for man dating doesn’t have to be a chore – whether you’re looking for love, lust, or something in between, you should be having fun with it rather than letting it stress you out. Pour yourself a beer, relax on the sofa and spend a stress-free evening meeting new people and potential hookups on

3. How to Start Male for Male Dating

Your online dating journey starts with an email address and is as easy as that. Visit and complete the new member form on the homepage – once you have confirmed your email address, you’re ready to start building your profile, adding some pictures, and meeting another male for male singles online.

4. Complete Your Profile

It can be tempting to skip building your profile – especially if you’re eager to start meeting new people and jumping in some chatrooms. To make your profile look legit and show people you’re a real person, take ten minutes to build all the sections of your profile and therefore increase your chances of making a match.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Say What You Want

Within reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to say anything you want online. In public, it’s not always appropriate to tell a stranger they look hot or to mention a great bum, but on online dating sites, everyone is looking for the same thing – so be confident of breaking out of your shell and flirt a little harder than you would in the real world.

6. Take Advantage of a Trial

If you are unsure about online dating still – or you simply don’t know which dating site will be best for you – any good online dating site like will offer a trial period to try the site before committing. If you can’t find the link for the trial once you have become a member, simply message the support team who will help you out.

7. Make Use of the Gay Hookup Site’s Navigational Tools

Before using this dating site, familiarize yourself with its features and functions to ensure that you get the most out of your time there. Once you’ve completed your male for male profile, spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the site and learning how to use it. This will make online dating a more pleasurable experience for you.

8. Locate Gays in Your Area Using Online Tools

Online M4M dating sites like allow you to refresh your search while on the go by using the site’s location features. While on a business trip or holiday, you will be matched with any other gay men in that area who satisfy your hookup requirements. This way, you can stay on top of your man for man hookup game no matter where you are – in your city or elsewhere.

9. Create an Accurate and Enticing Personality Sketch

To make your profile as engaging as possible without revealing any falsehoods, yes even white lies, you should do your best to be truthful in describing all aspects of your life. Lying in your online dating profile may lead to awkward first dates — and a bad first impression. You’re looking for gay male for male hookups, not a new career, so keep your profile lighthearted and honest.

Tips for a Memorable Gay Hookup

1. Be Open to Different Men

Sure, you might have a certain type, and there is nothing wrong with that. Whether it’s looks or personality, almost everyone has a type of person they prefer. However, don’t ignore guys who might not fit your criteria because you could be missing out. Stay open, and you’ll find that you can meet more people than you realized. Keeping your options open will give you more scope to try new things when man for man dating.

2. It’s Not Always About the Sex

Online M4M dating can lead to many things, including male for male hookups, but assuming it’ll lead to the bedroom could leave you in trouble. Sure, you both might have the same goal in mind, but some people play harder to get than others. If you announce early that you’re looking for sex, you are likely to turn people away, and that won’t work well for you. Get to know each other first and then see where the relationship goes.

3. Don’t Force Things

If you’re attracted to someone, whether it’s their looks, humor, or something else, don’t force the issue. Firstly, they might not be sure whether you’re right, so pushing things hard won’t work. That spark might develop over time which is why you should hold back and wait for things to develop, as that will work better for you in the long run. Forcing things is not an attractive trait or approach, so avoid it when you’re enjoying male for male dating.

4. Keep Expectations Low

Don’t assume that everything will work out or that the first person you chat with will be the one. This is often not the case, and although it can happen, you will find yourself deflated and lost if you expect every conversation to become something more. If one door closes, another will open, so don’t feel as though your world is falling apart if something doesn’t happen, embrace it and move on.

5. Make Them Feel Good

We’re not talking about showering him with stomach-churning compliments that turn you into a creep. We’re on about being friendly, being accepting, and making them feel like the center of attention. You can do this by keeping the conversation open and free but by turning some of it onto their personality and looks. Compliments are good but don’t go overboard with them as that won’t work in your favor.

6. Don’t Overlook Long Distance

Don’t tie yourself to your doorstep by only wanting to seek M4M hookups with guys who live in your area. You haven’t got to focus on another country but perhaps looking further afield will bring more opportunities. Whether it’s an extra 5 miles or 20 miles, you’re certain to have more people to choose from!

7. Create the Best Gay Hookup Chat Line

A man for man dating site like can let you discover what works for you in chatting up lines and opening messages after some time. After finding a few that work, use them as your “Flirtcast” to send automatic messages to any new matches, even if you aren’t online. It will enhance your chances of getting the right matches.

8. Make Sure to Include Images

All profiles on are hidden from non-members and search engines, making them fully private. The more images you add to your online M4M dating profile, the more likely you will meet someone and have a successful online dating experience. Don’t forget to include pictures of you having fun, vacationing, or doing the activities you like most. Profiles with photos get the most attention on man for man dating sites, as a rule.

9. Confidently Express Your Individuality

When you meet someone online for a M4M hookup, you don’t have to think about how you’re going to present yourself. In reality, there is no greater location to be yourself and confident in doing so than in your own house. Make yourself comfortable, and don’t stress about your hair, clothes, or whether or not you’ll stumble over your words. All will be fine if you just be your best self.

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