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Have a decent approach. Women like and admire men that are decent in their approach to them. Avoid using vulgar language and be direct but polite when you begin chatting online. Learn to respect the other person's views and let the conversation flow both ways instead of keeping it one-sided.

Remain honest. It is easy to get carried away and stretch the boast's truth when you are online. However, that will not work long-term, especially once your partner realizes you lie about things. Honesty is still the best policy for describing yourself in your profile or discussing your finances or accomplishments. Your partner will appreciate you being upright and truthful in your interactions.

Do not have expectations. Once you begin to date online, do not carry any false expectations about the relationship or the person you are dating. Most of these relationships are casual, and you should not expect too much of each other. Having expectations of any kind will only lead to disappointment and unhappiness, especially in the relationship's early stages. Take things slow and let the relationship progress naturally without wanting too much from it at any stage.

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